Our professional borehole drilling services at Isico Holding Ltd offer a reliable solution for accessing clean and sustainable water sources. With our expertise and state-of-the-art drilling equipment, we deliver efficient and precise borehole installations for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.

Precise Borehole Drilling

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Unmatched Precision and Efficiency

Expert Borehole Drilling

At our company, we are dedicated to delivering borehole drilling services that guarantee unmatched precision and efficiency. Our process begins with a meticulous site evaluation and planning phase. We carefully assess the geological data and survey the area to identify potential obstacles and challenges. By considering factors such as water table depth and quality, we develop a tailored drilling plan that ensures optimal results for each unique site.

To achieve precision and efficiency, we rely on cutting-edge equipment and technology. We have made significant investments in state-of-the-art drilling machinery that is designed to deliver accurate and swift results. Our experienced and trained staff, consisting of skilled drilling professionals, stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and safety protocols through regular training. Their expertise, combined with our advanced equipment, enables us to carry out drilling operations with exceptional precision and efficiency.

Borehole Drilling and equiping

Throughout the drilling process, we maintain rigorous quality control measures. Our team closely monitors and maintains drilling speed, alignment, and performs regular checks to ensure compliance with the highest standards. We also prioritize environmental considerations, taking all necessary precautions to minimize any potential impact. Our commitment to continuous monitoring and adaptation allows us to promptly address any unexpected challenges and maintain precision and efficiency throughout the entire drilling process.

With our comprehensive approach, advanced technology, and a team of dedicated professionals, we provide borehole drilling services that are unmatched in terms of precision, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. We strive to deliver sustainable water solutions that meet the highest standards while exceeding the expectations of our valued clients.


Identifying Water Potential Zones (Aquifers)

Hydro-geological Survey

A hydro-geological survey is a critical preliminary step in borehole drilling, aimed at assessing the subsurface geology to identify potential water-bearing zones known as aquifers. Geologists and hydrologists conduct this survey by analyzing geological data, studying rock formations, and conducting pumping tests. The goal is to determine the most promising locations for drilling, optimizing the chances of tapping into a sustainable and productive water source. The information obtained from the survey guides the borehole placement, ensuring that the drilling process targets the most viable water-bearing formations.

borehole drilling

Efficient Borehole Advancement Techniques

Compressed Air Drilling and Mud Drilling

Two common borehole drilling techniques are compressed air drilling and mud drilling. Compressed air drilling employs air pressure to lift and remove drill cuttings from the borehole, making it suitable for softer formations. On the other hand, mud drilling involves the use of a circulating fluid (drilling mud) to cool the drill bit and bring the cuttings to the surface, making it effective in harder rock formations. These methods offer efficient ways to advance the borehole, allowing drillers to penetrate various geological layers. The choice of drilling technique depends on factors like the type of rock, depth of the borehole, and the specific needs of the project. Employing the appropriate drilling method ensures efficient progress and successful completion of the borehole.

Ensuring Borehole Integrity

Permanent Casing Installation

After drilling the borehole, the next crucial step is the installation of permanent casing. Casing is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the well and preventing its collapse. Two common types of casing materials used are steel and PVC. Steel casings are durable and well-suited for deeper boreholes or in challenging geological conditions. They provide robust protection against external forces and ensure long-lasting borehole stability. On the other hand, PVC casings are lightweight, cost-effective, and ideal for shallower boreholes or areas with less demanding geological conditions. Both types of casing are carefully installed to secure the borehole, and the choice depends on factors such as borehole depth, geological conditions, and budget constraints.

Enhancing Filtration & Optimal Water Flow

Gravel Packing of the Borehole

Gravel packing is a critical step in borehole completion, enhancing the filtration of water entering the well and optimizing water flow. During this process, a specially selected gravel pack is placed around the borehole’s screen or perforated casing. The gravel acts as a filter, allowing water to pass through while preventing the entry of fine sediments and debris. This prevents the borehole from clogging and ensures that the well can deliver clean water efficiently. The gravel pack also provides support to the borehole walls, further contributing to the overall stability and performance of the borehole. Properly executed gravel packing is essential for maintaining the borehole’s productivity and extending its operational life.

Evaluating Borehole Performance

Test Pumping of the Borehole

Test pumping is a crucial step in assessing the performance and sustainability of the borehole. Once the borehole is completed, a test pump is installed, and water is pumped from the well at a specific rate. The test measures parameters such as the borehole’s sustainable yield, drawdown (water level decline during pumping), and recovery rate (how quickly the water level returns to its original level after pumping stops). By collecting this data, hydrologists and engineers can accurately determine the borehole’s overall performance and its ability to meet water demand over the long term. Test pumping results are invaluable for designing and managing the borehole’s pumping system efficiently, ensuring that it meets the water supply needs of the intended application.

Borehole drilling test pumping

Provision of Borehole Completion Reports,

Test Pumping Reports & Water Quality Analysis

Upon completing the borehole drilling and testing processes, comprehensive reports are provided to the client. These reports include detailed information about the borehole construction, hydro-geological findings from the survey, test pumping results, and the borehole’s overall performance. Additionally, water samples are collected and analyzed to determine the water quality, ensuring that it meets required standards for safe usage. The provision of these reports ensures transparency, accountability, and confidence in the borehole’s functionality. Clients can make informed decisions based on the data provided and have a clear understanding of the quality and sustainability of their water supply.

These important steps in borehole drilling, completion, and evaluation ensure that each borehole is carefully planned, constructed, and maintained for optimal performance and longevity. At Isico Holding Limited, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to borehole services, providing our clients with reliable water solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Quality Borehole Equipment

Borehole Equipping

Borehole equipping involves the installation of various components to convert the drilled borehole into a functional water supply system. This process includes selecting and installing appropriate submersible pumps, control panels, and piping. The choice of equipment is based on factors such as borehole depth, yield, and the intended water usage. Submersible pumps are commonly used for their efficiency and reliability, especially in deeper boreholes. Control panels regulate the pump’s operation, ensuring optimal water flow and energy efficiency. Properly installed piping connects the pump to the surface, allowing water to be transported to storage tanks or distribution points. Borehole equipping is a critical phase that determines the overall efficiency and reliability of the water supply system.

In terms of borehole equipment supply, we provide a wide range of high-quality products sourced from reputable manufacturers. Our inventory includes submersible pumps, control panels, pipes, fittings, filtration systems, solar panels, water towers, and other essential components needed to set up and operate a reliable borehole system. We carefully select our suppliers to ensure that our clients receive durable and efficient equipment that meets industry standards.

Sustainable Solutions for Water Supply

Solar Panel Installation & Elevated Tanks

For remote areas or environmentally conscious solutions, solar panels are often used to power the borehole’s pumping system. Solar energy provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional grid-based electricity. By harnessing the power of the sun, the pumping system becomes more energy-efficient and reduces its carbon footprint. Additionally, elevated tanks are employed to store water from the borehole, creating a gravity-fed system that can supply water without the need for continuous pumping. This approach further reduces energy consumption and ensures a consistent water supply even during power outages. The combination of solar panel installation and elevated tanks showcases our commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable water supply systems.

At Isico Holding Limited, we offer end-to-end solutions for borehole drilling, completion, and equipping. Our expertise in hydro-geological surveys, drilling techniques, and system design ensures that our clients receive reliable and efficient water supply solutions tailored to their unique needs. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial applications, we take pride in delivering high-quality borehole services that guarantee long-term performance and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of borehole systems. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to perform routine maintenance checks, inspections, and servicing. We offer tailored maintenance packages that include pump cleaning, electrical testing, monitoring system functionality, and overall system evaluation. By conducting proactive maintenance, we aim to prevent potential issues, optimize system performance, and identify any necessary repairs or replacements.

Our commitment to borehole maintenance extends to offering prompt repair services. In the event of any equipment breakdown or malfunction, our technicians are readily available to diagnose and address the issue efficiently. We prioritize quick response times and utilize high-quality replacement parts to minimize downtime and ensure that your borehole system is back up and running smoothly.

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